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I bought these for my lower back pain and it’s been working pretty decently for a sugar pill, I can spend most of the day without being aware of the persistent pain, but its never strong enough where I forget and mess my backup more…the one surprise was that it actually helped with my IBS.



I use them on a Grandchild who had developed a sporadic bed wetting problem. It worked!
Told the child every night that this pill would stop you from wetting the bed, ever since they have gone to bed confident that they would wake up dry the next morning. Hope this helps.



Was curious on trying the placebo effect after I had an assignment on it and wanted to test if it would work on me, had a few days with it not sure what to do and remembering how many people on my campus buy and sell ADHD meds to other students to help them concentrate and it gave me the idea.

Long story short, told myself it would help give me a hyper focus and within minutes it started focusing my thoughts and attention, will test more.

— George