Step-By-Step guide on How to make Placebo Pills

How to make placebo pills

Table of contents
-How does the placebo effect work
-Facts that back it up
-Things to consider
-Detailed Step-by-step guide


Do placebos work only because you don’t know they’re placebo pills?

With present day studies on this phenomenon it turns out the answer is NO!

Placebos work regardless of you knowing that they are placebos or if you are made to believe they are a real treatment. Proven by several studies that you can find  here, here and here.

The factor that they most depend on is you expecting them to work.

Due to many reasons the power of the placebo effect is growing stronger and stronger (primarily in the united states).

How does it work

how does it work

The reason (out of many) that explains how this phenomenon works is that our minds have the expectation that the drug or treatment works and is supposed to do something positive hence Placebo = do good.

All this leads the brain and body to actually making this expectation come true, a self-fulfilling prophecy in  a way.

The brain releases hormones, boosts the immune system, brain activity changes, the body experiences document-able changes and the expectation is fulfilled or symptoms are repressed.

Facts that back it up

Placebo data

This explanation is proven by these studies (here, here and here) that the results of these studies have come to the conclusion that:

  • The more informed of the benefits that a treatment or does, the more effective it is. (Source)
  • Placebos cause the side effects of the drugs they were supposed to be impersonating. (Source)
  • Low level infections are healed just as easily by placebos as they are by active drugs (Source)
  • The patients optimism results in better results. (Source)
    • Pessimist  views result in the lowered efficiency for actual treatments (Source)

This phenomenon is an exact if not the biggest example in proving the role and influence of our minds when it comes to our bodies and health.

Things to consider

Take note, this does not mean that we can stop buying our ridiculously expensive medication, since drug companies HAVE to prove that their drug is more effective than a placebo. (not to mention that they also abuse this and cheat at times)

Doing this is VERY expensive and difficult (350 MILLION just to get to the point of selling or even 5 billion) and many just prefer other things rather than investing so much when 95% fail to be both effective and safe.  It’s hard for them to be sure their drug is both more effective than a placebo but also find the balance of not causing awful side effects. 

Placebos can be valuable tools in helping us exercise some control on our health, experiences and mood(even cheat in sport competitions *wink*)

With all this said, we can make our own placebo pills and get the same positive effect from them as we would without being unethically tricked into believing we received a real treatment.

How to make placebo pills

Space Jam Placebo

When Bugs Bunny in Space jam makes “Michaels secret stuff” placebo

  1. Get empty gelatin capsules
    You can get a one month supply here or EbayFinished bottle here
    You may also shop locally at a nearby health/supplement store 🙂
  2.  Fill capsules with a small amount of an inert ingredient like sugar (basically anything that does nothing)
  3.  Get an empty prescription bottle, put it under the tap with hot water so you can easily take the label off.
  4. Choose what you want your placebo pills to do
    -Pain relief                   – Strength            -Energy
    -Anti-depressant        -Intelligence        -Confidence
    -Focus                           -Anxiety relief-Getting rid of things like: Cough, IBS, Head ache, Itch, Ulcers, Nausea, Migraine, social Phobia, allergies, etc, etc .
  5. Create and print your label
    :- STRENGTH PILL -: (Hercules strength pills)
    (Albert Einstein Intelligence pills)
    micheals secret stuff
  6. Use a brand name, either your own or our powerful and proven brand like PLACIVE
  7. Create instructions

One pill a day to improve confidence, focus, energy, stamina, mood, etc.
Take 1 pill with a large glass of water whenever you are experiencing a headache.


-You can give your pills fun side effects like random burst of joy, energy, inspiration, confidence, etc. Basically add a good and positive side effect to your pills to make this a funner and more interesting experience/test.

-Make your placebo effect stronger or strengthen it by reading our testimonials (here) watching a video on the placebo effect(here, here and here) you can also write and print out an agreement form on how you understand what your placebo does and accept that it will do [Insert what you want placebo to do] and signing it.


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