List of fun examples of the Placebo Effect

Here is a large and growing collection of fun experiences of the placebo effect/response to better help you understand what this phenomenon is and how it effects people through out this world as well as how you could potentially recognize any that you may be experiencing.

You can buy placebo pills or make your own placebo pills to try out some of these fun placebos and see if they work for you or loved ones and let us know on facebook.

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#1: Placebo Effect used in the Boy Scouts

Placebo 4

“I’m a cubscout leader/camp leader and when the kids start crying and wants to go home, we just give them “homesick medicine”. The kids will always get up again feeling better within 15 minutes. The medicine is tic-tacs.”

#2: Band-aids used as Placebos

Placebo 1

“When I was a kid, my parents told me that I would not get car sick if I put two bandaids in an “X” over my bellybutton. I threw up during long trips if I did not do it. I did not realize it was placebo until I was like 15.”

#3: Porridge/Oatmeal as a Placebo

Placebo 2
“I was fed porridge every time I was sick. So I need porridge to get well. It’s like my medicine.”

#4: Contact lenses, onions and the Placebo Effect

Placebo 3

“I was cutting onions one day, appreciating my contact lenses as they keep me from tearing up. After about a minute I realised that I didn’t have my contact lenses in, because I had had lasik surgery the year before. I started tearing up within 5 seconds of this realisation.”

#5: Expensive Wine Placebo Effect

Placebo 5

I told my wife I paid $8 for a bottle of wine. I was surprised when she claimed to be enjoying it. I eventually found out that she heard “$80”.”

#6: Expensive wine Placebo Effect 2

Placebo 6

“ I literally bought the cheapest wine I could find at the store and brought it to a party. I told everyone it was the most expensive wine at the store and I was celebrating. Everyone at the party ranted and raved the entire night about how amazing the wine was. They were all incredibly enthusiastic and drunk by the end. I just laughed and laughed.”


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