5 Important Pros and Cons of using the Placebo Effect

In this article we will point out ten very important factors or reasons as to why you should or shouldn’t use the Placebo effect.

With 5 of these reasons you could could make a completely valid case for the common and professional uses to benefit from the Placebo Effect (like making your own placebo pills) and 5 other reasons where you could make the case for not formally utilizing this phenomenon.

The placebo effect or response is actually a very fascinating and ‘cool’ phenomenon, but it has its own pros and cons when it comes to its use as well as issues with balance and moderation.

We shall only leave these 10 solid points up for you to decide.

Should we as a society use the Placebo Effect or not?

This is a topic that should be widely discussed, so please feel free to give us your input and maybe add to either sides of this very important question!

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5 Pros and Cons of the Placebo effect.

Pros to the Placebo Effect

  1. Carries benefits of the drug but with little to no risk of drug dependency compared to actual treatments and in some cases can work as well as real drugs  when it comes to pain, anxiety, headaches and depression.
  2. Many casual complaints can be dealt with by inactive placebo treatments (placebos) which then would save a significant amount of time and money.
  3. Zero risk of overdose.
  4. Placebos are always better than no treatment (hence need for placebo control in drug trials).
  5. If combined with medicine or active treatments( actual medical procedures/medicine) it could help reduce doses, thus cutting costs and the risk of side effects.

Cons to the Placebo Effect

  1. It isn’t considered ethical to prescribe placebos when there is a better treatment.
  2. Placebopathy involves medical professionals deceiving their patients which is also considered unethical in modern medicine because patients would start to mistrust medical practitioners.
  3. Risk in delaying the treatment and diagnosis of a real medical condition.
    1. Also can happen from a doctor mistrusting or underestimating their patient’s symptoms.
  4. Existing possibility of becoming dependent on it even though it is still significantly less when comparing it to the actual treatment or drug.
  5. There is a  significant possibility of still experiencing side effects associated with the drug the placebo represents.
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