5 Fun examples of the Placebo Effect that you wouldn’t expect

5 Examples of the placebo effect

The placebo effect is as interesting as it is powerful, its strength measured through various means like it’s effectiveness when it comes to dealing with pain, depression and a wide range of symptoms and medical conditions.

These are  5 fun examples of the placebo effect to show that the placebo effect has various dimensions on its capabilities and functions and its likely you have already experienced this phenomenon.

#1: Serving McDonald’s at a food convention

I mean it’s from McDonald’s, it won’t be that good regardless of tricking food experts into thinking its organic fast food, right?
But it did!
tumblr_ndsxekssnJ1rc7zl1o10_400 tumblr_ndsxekssnJ1rc7zl1o9_400

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#2: When you are sick

Placebo 3


#3: When cutting onions

Placebo 4
#4: When home sick

Placebo 5


#5: Band-aid trickPlacebo 2Let us know any experiences of the placebo effect you may have experienced in the comments below!

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